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FEBRUARY 25TH & 26TH, 2023

Our Yin Yoga Certification Course is a 10 Hour in depth weekend course that covers the science and anatomy of Yin Yoga postures as well as looking at the body through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You'll learn how the practice of Yin Yoga can not only affect the muscles and tissues, but also how it has the potential to deeply impact the nervous system.

What could be better than an entire weekend of Yin Yoga? Not much in our opinion. Read on for FAQ's & details on attending this deeply nourishing and restorative weekend at Explore Yoga.


Who is this immersion for?

Everyone. Whether you just love yin yoga, hope to one day teach it, or just want to learn more about the practice, anatomy & postures, this 10 hour immersion will be be a mini-retreat for the body & the mind.


How much does this cost and what do I get?

The price of the weekend is $249. Students taking this course will receive a certificate, digital manual and a yoga blanket.

Saturday | 12:00-5:00
Sunday | 10:30-3:30

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