Most of you know we've had a "pre-registration preferred" loose policy for quite some time.  For now, we're going to have to make this policy mandatory.  All students must pre-register for class.  We will not be able to accommodate walk-ins.  


Due to the limited capacity of the room and unfortunately too many no shows or very late cancellations over the past few weeks, we need to implement a new cancellation policy effective immediately.  It's very important for the sustainability of the studio to fill each of our available spaces right now in all of our classes.  Late cancellations and no shows have resulted in many empty spaces and many yogi's who wish to practice with us have been unable to.  To open up space for your fellow yogis who are on the waitlists, we now require that you cancel 3 hours or more before class starts, no exceptions.  Failure to cancel class early will result in a late cancellation fee of $10 for monthly/yearly members or a forfeiture of your class pass for class pass holders.


Please do not arrive at the studio any earlier than 10 minutes prior to class.  This will leave enough time for those in classes before yours to exit the studio before you come in.  Please enter the door closest to the reception desk when arriving.  When leaving please exit the door furthest away from the reception desk.


All classes at Explore will now be much smaller than you're used to.  We have also implemented specific locations on the floor for mats.  When you enter the room make sure to line your mat up on one of the predetermined spaces.  


Mats:  We highly encourage you to purchase your own mat if you've been borrowing one.  We will still have limited mats available if you forget yours, but we will now have to implement a $2 mat rental fee to accommodate the additional measures and supplies we will be using to keep our students safe.  See below for info on ordering a mat and props from Manduka.

Straps:  We will not be using straps for the time being.  All poses that we are used to using straps in will be adapted to allow for practice without a strap.  You are of course welcome to purchase or bring your own strap.

Blankets & Bolsters:  We will not be using blankets and bolsters at this time, you are of course welcome to bring your own.

Blocks:  We will still be using blocks.  We know it's cumbersome to tote your own blocks around all the time, but this is another thing we highly encourage purchasing.  We will be taking extra precautions when cleaning blocks and they will also not be used in back to back classes.

Myofascial Release Balls:  Our myofascial release balls are made of medical grade rubber and are easily cleaned.  When these are incorporated into a class you are welcome to borrow ours if you don't have your own.  We will also have plenty on hand to purchase if you'd like to own your own.


Please wear a mask when entering the studio and continue to wear it until you're on your mat.  Current guidelines state that you may remove your mask if it interferes with your activity, we'll leave this decision up to the individual.  We have found that the disposable masks are the easiest to breath in when practicing and will always have these on hand should you want one. 


For now, teachers will remain at the front of the room for all classes except Yin & Gentle.  For Yin and Gentle, teachers will stay primarily in the center of the room.  No hands on assists or adjustments will be given at this time.


When you arrive at the studio, please verbally check in with the receptionist and proceed to class.  After class, please do not linger in the lobby at this time. 


We have always kept Explore Yoga very clean.  We will continue to keep things very clean and will take additional measures of sanitizing all high contact surfaces often.  We are now using a hospital grade cleaner that kills viruses.  A highly rated air purifier will be running in the practice room. Hand sanitizer will be available at various locations throughout the studio for your use.   


If you aren't feeling well, or even if you are feeling well but have a cough, please stay home.  Any coughing or sneezing in class right now will certainly create anxiety among some students.  Please do not blow your nose in class.  


If for any reason you feel anxious or uncomfortable during class, please feel free to leave.  Explore Yoga is a no judgement zone.  We want you to feel comfortable practicing yoga in our space and know during this time anxiety in many of us is very high.  While there are countless studies showing a decrease in anxiety and stress with a consistent yoga practice, we are still all human.  If you need to leave, no worries.  Quietly step out and we'll see you next time. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.


Amy & The Explore Yoga Teachers and Staff