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Amy is an anatomy inspired teacher with a diverse yoga & fitness background. With experience working with hundreds of veterans, children, special needs adults, athletes, and people with various injuries, Amy has come to know and teach yoga in a very unique way.  Her trainings in multiple styles of yoga, certification as a Fitness & Exercise Trainer as well as being a Certified Yoga Therapist, lend to Amy's classes being packed with information about muscles, movement and overall physical well being.  Amy is an E-RYT 500 level teacher and has additional specialized training in Anatomy, Sports Performance & Recovery, Yin, Women's Health, Meditation, The Nervous System, Myofascial Release, Spine and Posture Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Lymphatic System, Trauma Informed Yoga and Mental Health & Wellness.



What started off as Colleen’s interest in building strength and staying in shape through yoga has evolved into a deep understanding of yoga as an agent of healing. Colleen has been practicing yoga for four years and with the guidance of her teachers at Explore Yoga she has cultivated a relationship with the practice that includes overcoming health challenges and healing the body’s nervous and immune system’s. Colleen’s passion became her triumph and she is eager to share these opportunities through teaching yoga. Colleen completed her RYT 200hr teacher training through Explore Yoga.



Marie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training after practicing consistently for 6 years. She loves the structure and discipline of an Ashtanga practice, the creativity and flow of vinyasa, and the stillness and surrender of a yin class. She became certified as a personal trainer at one time too, but she's come to appreciate the lessons that yoga teaches (both on and off the mat) even more than the traditional gym culture. Raising two daughters with a husband in the military has given her plenty of chances to put to work these lessons in patience and breath! Additionally, Marie works at a dialysis unit in Troy. She graduated from U of M with a degree in psychology, and she loves to read. Ask for a book recommendation any time!



The first time I ever did yoga was in Nepal by candlelight during a power outage. I fell in love with it right then and there! I completed my 200hr RYT Teacher Training at Explore Yoga in 2018 and am grateful to be a part of the Explore team.



Starting with her mom’s yoga VHS tapes, Samantha has embraced various forms & styles as a yoga practitioner over the last 14 years. She is passionate about yoga, not only for physical challenges and growth, but the mental clarity and mindfulness that is found in practice along the journey. She also enjoys weightlifting, rock climbing, skiing… she appreciates the balance & compliment that yoga can have to other physical practices, as well as movements in our every-day life. While she always aspired to become a yoga teacher, there never seemed to be “enough time." When she had her baby, it became clear that there never would be “enough time” and she decided to go for it! Samantha is excited to complete her 200RYT in Spring 2024 through Explore Yoga! 

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Yoga has been a life changer! My five year practice includes slow flow, blend, vinyasa, hatha, wall and my favorite-yin! It's led me to a place of calm and content, with more physical strength and flexibility than I've had in decades. A true bonus was avoiding back surgery, getting off medications and losing 35 pounds! I became a 200RYT in 2016 through Explore Yoga to pay it all forward and share the joy of yoga. I am so proud to be a part of the Explore community! Steve and I are parents to four and soon to be grandparents! I am also a designer and seamstress with a home based business. I love outdoor yoga. This picture was taken after a sunrise practice on the beach in Mexico.

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After taking my first yoga class in 1998, I was hooked. I found that not only was i able to achieve some sense of relaxation, but I found myself becoming stronger, more grounded and sure of myself. I took a teacher training class in 1999. Realizing the importance of alignment to keep students safe, I began studying Anusara yoga and have done multiple therapeutic training's with Doug Keller. I learn and gain inspiration from my students and try to challenge them in their practices while helping them achieve a sense of inner calm and having fun while doing it. I have also training in iRest meditation and completed my certification in October 2016. In addition to yoga and meditation, I am a Physician Assistant in Radiation Oncology and a mom to five.



After years of debating trying yoga, Explore Yoga Studio came into my life and everything fell into place. Starting as a regular in gentle classes I began devoting mind, body, and spirit into this practice. The moving meditation of yoga allows for strength and stretch, as well as mindfulness and ease. When not on my mat I am a preschool teacher and enjoy growing and cutting flowers. After the wild year of 2020, I signed up for Yoga teacher training with Explore to deepen my practice and see what would come of it. Here I am now, ready to share my love of the practice and bring all the benefits of yoga to you.



Therese complete her yoga teacher training in 2018 at Explore Yoga.



My yoga journey began in January 2020 at Explore. Through the pandemic, my college graduation, and many other life changes, yoga gave me the space for mindful movement. I first fell in love with the physical and mental challenge of vinyasa and grew to love and appreciate the change of pace in a slow flow or gentle class and the stillness of a yin. After having a back injury in my teens, I have been able to find flexibility and strength that I lacked for many years. At the same time, yoga provided me a place to alleviate stress and anxiety. In 2023, I signed up for teacher training eager to learn more, enhance my practice, and with hopes of sharing with others the incredible tools that yoga offers in so many realms of life. Outside of yoga, I ride horses, I love taking walks in the spring and summer months, I enjoy traveling, but also staying home with coffee and my beloved cat. 

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Bio coming soon.....



I started taking yoga classes in college and fell in love with the aspects of yoga that led to more strength, balance, and flexibility, and the refreshing feeling you get after each savasana is pretty fulfilling as well. I found Explore Yoga's studio shortly after their opening and have been coming back on and off ever since. I completed my RYT 200hr Teacher Training at Explore Yoga in 2022. I love the balance and variety vinyasa and yin classes offer and look forward to sharing that experience with students at Explore Yoga. In addition to yoga, I love to play golf, go to concerts, and go hiking - happy to talk with others about anything!

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